afofo | ɑ·foʊ·foʊ | – day old palm wine, distilled. Silver date palm sap (phoenix sylvestris); after collection by a tapper, ferments immediately due to natural yeasts in the air.

Compared to sweet white palm wine, afofo is clear, harsh, and strong.

ngwese | ŋ·Gweɪ·seɪ | – an inherited moniker, by one telling it means patience.

…both names harken back to a past life, far away.



maiden - the browser based code editor and repl for monome norns device.


MIDI behavior for the ansible eurorack module, a reconceptualization of firmware customization done for earthsea. monome deserves high praise for designing wonderful, open machines and allowing a community to contribute to their evolution.


Alternate firmware for monome meadowphysics focused on clocking and rhythm programming. Behavior changes depending on the attached USB device.

  • none - simple clock divider, internally or externally driven
  • arc - master clock, selectable division with fine grain control over gate width and offset (designed for arc 2)
  • grid - rhythmic clip programmer/launcher (in progress)